The Life Church


In September of 1990 the Lord led Pastor Duane and Lady LaShawn Youngblood to begin a Bible study in their home in Wilmerding, PA. Being obedient to the Lord studies began in the attic with four people attending. The study grew and was moved to the living room on Monday nights until January of 1991 when the Lord commissioned the beginning of the church, then called Charity Fellowship Center.

After a few months the services were too large for Pastor Youngblood’s home and were moved to St. John Baptist Church in Wilmerding on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights. In June of 1991 the church began the purchase of a church and home in Wilmerding at 112 State Street. After a few months of work on the building the facilities were ready for service.

The opening services of the Higher Call Church were held on August 25, 1991 in the new facility. Over the next four years the Lord caused the church to see serious work as the Spirit of God began to remake people. The church also established a ministry team and began to focus on vision.

In July of 1994 Pastor Youngblood announced to the church the desire to move into the inner city of Pittsburgh. In March of 1995 the elders began looking for a new facility. In May of 1995 the facility at 2519 Perrysville Avenue became available and the church moved in June of 1995. The Lord added to the church there at Perrysville and the church was having two services in the facility per Sunday due to the fact that the sanctuary only held 140 chairs. In May of 2000 the church began holding services at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. In December of 2000 the church moved into the current facility at 1321 Mifflin Street.

In June of 2008 the church purchased 1508 Mifflin St. and began to use it as a midweek service location and outreach center. In January 2012 the church name was changed to The Life Church to continue with current vision as we continue to mature in him. Souls are being saved and there is a fresh move of God in the church. We are looking forward to a prosperous and growing future as we “take the gospel to the un-reached, un-churched, and backslidden around the world.”