Vision Statement
Loving God, Loving Others & Finding our Self-Worth in God’s Love for Us

Loving God – It is the goal of the church to help each partner express their love for God in how they serve Him and actively worship towards maturity. I John 4:19

Loving Others – We cannot love God and not love others. We will model this love so the world will see Christ in us daily. I John 5:1-4

Finding Our Self-Worth in God’s love for us – The word of God declares in I John 4:19 we love Him because He first loved us. God’s love is the primary one all men must understand and therefore discover their worth/value to Him. We will not spend our lives chasing the love of people when we understand the love of God. “Many people try to find self-worth in positions, people, or things. According to the Word of God none of that works. We must find our self-worth in Him.”

Leadership Focus
Maintaining Excellence and Integrity Without Envy or Strife

Maintaining Excellence – Excellence is first a spirit. It is the Spirit of God expressed through the life of a believer. If we have the Spirit of Excellence we do all things with the heart of God. God cares about people and when we walk with the spirit of excellence this attitude will shine in all our circles of influence.

Maintaining Integrity – As people of integrity we do what we say and we are the same everywhere. We don’t have a church life and a home life. We live for God everywhere. If we say it you can count on it. There is nothing broken and nothing missing as we are established in Christ.

Without Envy – We cannot do the work and will of God if we are looking at others and desiring what they have. We cannot envy the world and the system of evil even when it appears what they do causes them to prosper.

Without Strife – Strife among the saints causes division and every evil work to grow. We will strive to keep strife out and to know when it arises in our heads or hearts.

What we ask of all our partners:

1.Attend the Corporate gatherings weekly because this is where our Loving God and others is developed and expressed.

2. Participate in our Small Groups(Life Groups) because this is how we grow as Kingdom citizens and unite in fellowship.

3. Join a Ministry because this is how we serve the world.

4. Invite the lost to our corporate gatherings!