TLC Ministries List



TLC Ministries and Teams

The Life Church

At-Large Ministry Team A


Marriage Enrichment—this group exists to promote strong marriages and will facilitate meetings, retreats and support sessions to reach that end.

Ministry Leader Contact: 


Single Men’s Fellowship—This group exist to promote fellowship and authentic relationships among the single men of TLC.

Ministry Leader Contact:  Deacon Caesar Williams               


Single Women’s Fellowship— This group exists to promote fellowship and authentic relationships among the single women of TLC.

Ministry Leader contact:


Men’s Discussion groups—These groups exist to provide a place for bible discussion, fellowship and the forging of authentic relationship among the men of TLC

Ministry Leader Contact:    Elder Joel Jenkins

Women’s Discussion group

s— These groups exist to provide a place for bible discussion, fellowship and the forging of authentic relationship among the women of TLC

Ministry Leader contact:     Elder LaShawn Youngblood, Elder Marguerite Tallon


Taste of W—This group exist to provide a place for TLC partners and their guest to come together, eat and discuss the message of the day.

          Ministry Leader contact: Elder Colette Youngblood

TLC Adult Education.—-This ministry provides classes for the body at TLC throughout the year.

Ministry Contact:




 The Life Church

At-Large Ministry Team B


New Converts Ministry – will help new converts understand the process of receiving salvation and new belief in Jesus Christ

                                    Ministry Leader Contact: Elder Fred Massey


Picnic Committee—This Committee plan and organize our annual picnic where we have fun fellowshipping with one another. Will consist of one person from each region.

                 Ministry Leader Contact:            Elder Antuan Spann


Youth Department – This department deals with youth ages 6-12 and coordinates events and services

                      Ministry Leader Contact: Gary Anderson


18-30 Young Adult Dept. – This department deals with youth ages 18-30 and coordinates events and services

                      Ministry Leader Contact: Elder Randy Taylor & Christa Taylor

55 Plusers…….This ministry sees to it that our saints 55 and older are involved and served in all areas.

                      Ministry contact:        Elder Paula Dumas

Finance – the Finance Department is responsible for all monies coming in and going out of the ministry.

                  Ministry Leader contact:    Elder Antuan Spann


TLC Business Network—This ministry is for business owners of the church

              Ministry Leader:                  Elder Fred Massey Jr.


Deacons—This ministry is by invitation only and consists of men and women who provide a level of service to TLC Leadership and TLC and care for the practical things of the church.


                   Ministry Leader                    Deacon Edwin Smith



    The Life Church

Worship Team


TLC Choir—this ministry group sings in many of our services as an expression of a sincere relationship with Christ and to lift others while encouraging that same expression of praise.

                           Ministry Leader Contact:


Kingdom Praise—this team leads the congregation in praise and worship during service.

                         Ministry Leader Contact: Mike Wilson


Musicians—Our Musicians skillfully play the instruments that lead us into praise and worship.

                        Ministry Leader Contact: Elder Joshua Knight


His Vision Adult Dance Team—Adult Dance is a ministry where adults can worship our Lord though different expressions in dance.

                         Ministry Leader Contact: Antuan Spann


For His Glory Praise Dancers—For His Glory Praise Dancers is a ministry that accompanies Kingdom Praise in leading partners in worship & praise through different expressions of dance.

                             Ministry Leader Contact: Chanel Smith


Assignment Mime Team—A ministry where our people can develop, learn, and worship the Lord through dance. The Mime Ministry is another art form where our people can express their praise and worship to the Lord.

                              Ministry Leader Contact: Erin Knight


Poetry—this group will host symposiums and utilize every opportunity to express the heart of God in writing through every medium of the church and World.

              Ministry Leader Contact:

The Life Church

Partner Services Ministry Team

Team Lead: N/A


Transportation—we provide transportation for partners to church services.

                  Ministry Leader Contact:          


Professional Service Technicians—Similar to Ushers, They are the welcoming faces of our church that lead us to our seats and keeps order during different stages of our services.

              Ministry Leader Contact: Ernestine Sudduth


Partner Relations Dept. – will walk through the process with new partner of The Life Church and get all paper work from New Partners and will host reception and other events for new partner throughout the year

                   Ministry Leader Contact: Sheri Anderson


Adjutants—this group serves our set leadership and special guest who visit the church.

    Ministry Leader Contacts: Caesar Williams and Debra Murphy


Building Services— This group handles all of the building maintenance including: setting up, and tearing down for services and special events; cleaning the buildings on a weekly basis; and being on site for building rentals. Plus collection of finance and other duties as requested.

                        Ministry Contact: Deacon Caesar Williams


Hospitality……This ministry provides food and care for special events as requested….

Ministry Leader Contact    Elder Antuan Spann

Nursery—A lovely group of people who take the time to care for our young children during Sunday services.

                         Ministry Leader Contact:


      The Life Church

        Media Ministry Team


DEY Sales/ Media Duplication —This wonderful ministry gives our partners and visitors the powerful messages of our Apostle Youngblood through tapes, CD’s, books, music, video, and DVD. (These messages are available at the tapes sales table located at the entranceway of our church after all of our services.)

              Ministry Leader Contact: Christina Wilson


Graphic Design—Our Graphic Design Team creates packaging for Media products and promotional items such as Tapes, CDs, DVDs, Flyers for meetings, and other resources and services. These works are seen on our website, during our news media presentations, Other Media Outlets, etc.

Ministry Leader Contact: Outsourced


Video Editing—Work in Video suit to produce DVD’s and television ready programs for DEY Ministries and other church outreaches such as commercials, announcements and other special events.

                Ministry Leader Contact: Isaiah Brown


Video Production—Our Video production team records and produces all of our services and special events through the use of video cameras.

                  Ministry Leader Contact: Deacon Phillip Brown


Sound Department—The sound team controls the sound levels and records all messages at all of our church functions

             Ministry Leader Contact: Elder Randy Taylor


Overhead Media—This team provides visual guides during praise and worship services and during the preaching of the word.

                  Ministry Leader Contact: Isaiah Brown


Social Media Dept. – Will be responsible for the Social Media sites of The Life Church & Apostle Youngblood. They will also be responsible to post information in The Life group pages

                    Ministry Leader Contact: Taeziah Lawhorn