Welcome to The Life Church

Pastor LaShawn Youngblood, Lead Pastor

Pastor LaShawn Youngblood, Lead Pastor

We pray that you will always be blessed and that the Spirit of the Lord will cause his word to open to you as you read it, hear it and meditate it.  We pray you will engage the word by speaking it into your own heart.  We pray that you will enjoy the manifestation of the words coming out your mouth and know your Faith matters.

Beyond that we pray that your family is strengthened and that you enjoy your life together.  We know the promise of God is to you and your children (acts 2:39) and so we agree that your whole house serves God joyfully.  We pray your marriages are healthy and a place of peace, power, protection and provision.

We pray you will arise to every occasion in life and be more than conquerors.  We pray you enjoy your days and make the best of them.  We pray you enjoy living and that you never just exist.  We also ask that you pray for us as we seek to always be useful for our King and his Kingdom people.  Be blessed through our connection!